Monday, February 18, 2008

Flex and Seam examples

Recently there is a lot of momentum in two simple and great frameworks Seam and Flex. Seam is a lightweight web integration framework that glues EJB and JSF components whereas Flex brings on Rich Internet Application capabilities to Web applications.

People started thinking why can not marry these two frameworks to come up with more sphesticated framework for web applications.

Here is an article that discusses why Seam and Flex can work together on OnJava.

On similar lines, Cameron Ingram an application architect in a company I am currently working for, created an excellent project called FlexBooking that uses Seam and Flex technologies. This project is based on Seam's Hotel booking example. You can also find more sample projects using GraniteDS, Seam and Flex here at Cameron's blog.

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mohan said...

good post abt seam and flex...thanks